Thursday, October 28, 2010

0 Four Covenant Radio Programs on Foundational Reformed Concepts

I feel as though I've just spent one of the more edifying and encouraging months of doing Covenant Radio with my good friend Bill Hill, with whom I've been co-hosting the program for just over a year. We began a series of programs covering basic doctrines of the Reformed faith a month ago, and have had some of the most invigorating and instructive conversations in recent memory on these topics. I would highly encourage any and all to take the opportunity to grab these broadcasts at the links below, and share them with folks whom you may know who might have some questions about these biblical concepts and issues. We were blessed with excellent guests who really made these programs simultaneously full of integrity from a scholarly and pastoral perspective, and enjoyable just as though our guest, Bill and I were seated around Bill's back yard table with a cigar and a good ale. (well, perhaps three cigars and ales to be equitable) :)

Election and Effectual Calling, Dr. Cornelis Venema
Regeneration, Rev. Chris Gordon
Justification, Dr. Guy Waters
Atonement and Imputed Righteousness, Rev. Richard D. Phillips

Please do check them out, and all our programs, at the Covenant Radio blog - and if you're desirous of a good reformed alternative to internet radio stations that you may come into contact with, please check out Sola5 Radio. Bill and I put in a fair amount of time putting the daily teaching programs, weekend lectures and Lord's Day sermons, in addition to psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, so that you all have a good and reliable place to go for music and teaching, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I hope you'll consider listening as regularly as you're able.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

0 Recent and Upcoming Programming at Covenant Radio

Just wanted to send out a heads-up to you all about our recent programs on Covenant Radio and the next two weeks in a series we've begun on foundational doctrines of the Reformed faith, which we're really excited about. We've had excellent guests (and have more upcoming) and these are just great topics to kick back and talk about with Reformed brethren.

Two weeks ago, we had Dr. Cornelis Venema from Mid-America Reformed Seminary on the topics of Election and Predestination, and then this past week, we had Rev. Chris Gordon of the Lynden United Reformed Church, of Lynden, WA, talking with us on the doctrine of Regeneration. These were two very enjoyable programs, and I think you'll find them edifying and enjoyable as well. These most recent programs can be downloaded any time from our website.

The next two weeks, October 21 and 28, we'll have two very exciting broadcasts, covering Justification, with Dr. Guy Waters, and the doctrines of Atonement and Imputed Righteousness with Dr. Richard D. Phillips. We hope you'll grab the podcasts when they come out - which are always available at our website. Follow us on Twitter (Covenant_Radio) to get updates of uploaded programs.

Also, just in case you've not seen it, I do want to point out our 24/7 radio station online, Sola5 Radio, which plays psalms & hymns, sermons and lectures, and replays of Covenant Radio, the White Horse Inn, etc. We've designed it as a place you can always turn to to get solid Reformed teaching & good, edifying music to listen to round the clock. I don't think there's much out there at all like it.

You can access that from the links at the webpage for Sola5 Radio, and I hope you'll try it out if you haven't already.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

0 A Blog in Arrears

Well, zip-bop there goes a month. Life flies along here in Northeast Iowa, and I've neglected In Principio ... Deus.

Posts will start appearing again - it seems as though the first several weeks of any school year take me out for a while, which I guess is understandable.

Nevertheless, I need to get back to it. So.... we have a lot going on with Sola5 Radio and Covenant Radio - and posts on these and other topics are forthcoming :)

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