Monday, March 30, 2009

0 Wise Words from William Gurnall

I'm embarking on a reading of William Gurnall's A Christian in Complete Armour today, and found the following statements in the first couple of pages which I suspect serve as an undergirding principle beneath this massive work. In these words, Gurnall reminds us of our duty to God first before any duty to man - and our priority in serving God rather than being concerned with the reaction of men to our 'odd' behavior.

Gurnall writes:

"No, the Christian must stand fixed to his principles, and not change his habit; but freely show what countryman he is by his holy constancy in the truth. Now what an odium, what snares, what dangers doth this singularity expose the Christian to? Some will hoot and mock him as one in a Spanish fashion would be laughed at in your streets. Thus Michal flouted David. Indeed, the world counts the Christian for his singularity of life the only fool;:" (p. 15, A Christian in Complete Armour, William Gurnall)



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