Thursday, July 02, 2009

0 The Marrow of Modern Divinity

As a summer exercise, I'm planning to read through The Marrow of Modern Divinity, a work that was not without its controversy in its day, but which is still praised by many as a classic text on covenant theology. I would suggest it for anyone who'd like a solid introduction to the concepts of covenant theology. It is written in something that's reminiscent of Pilgrim's Progress, that is, it takes the form of a dialog among several characters - Nomista, a legalist, Antinomista, you guessed it - an antinomian, Neophytus, a new Christian, and finally Evangelista - the pastor. Through their dialog, the author (Edward Fisher? This is somewhat disputed as the identity of this Edward Fisher isn't necessarily on very solid ground) exposits the covenant of works and the covenant of grace in a lively and edifying manner. Extremely helpful, too, are the extensive notes of Thomas Boston, which serve to expand upon and explain the dialog to the reader.

I'm very much looking forward to reading this wonderful work and will post notes here as I do. For those interested in the subject of the Marrow and its controversy, please see these audio files from Sinclair Ferguson, and a very recent video lecture by Bill VanDoodewaard, which are extremely edifying.



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