Monday, August 17, 2009

0 Office Hours: A New Podcast at Westminster Seminary California

Starting today at Westminster Seminary, California, is a new monthly podcast, Office Hours. Each month in the academic year they will release a new show featuring, for the first season, an interview with one of the WSC faculty. I'd strongly encourage you to subscribe to the program podcast, as I am certain it'll be both informative and a blessing as you hear from these men of faith.

Today marks the release of the 15-minute preview show, followed on August 31 by the release of the first two programs. The first, involves the President of WSC, Robert Godfrey - and the second one is with a good friend of mine and my wife's from our days together in the Chicago area, Julius Kim, who is Associate Professor of Practical Theology at WSC. Both will be interviewed by Professor of Historical Theology and Church History, R. Scott Clark. Godfrey, Kim and Clark are pictured at left, center and right, below.

To encourage people to subscribe and to listen the program will be giving away five gift packages (books by Horton, Godfrey, and Stonehouse, conference passes, and audio) during season one. Instructions for how to participate are in the preview show and on the website linked above.

Here's the web link:

The contact email for the program is:

Listeners cans subscribe to Office Hours on iTunes and via our website



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