Saturday, January 23, 2010

3 Sola 5 Radio Needs Listeners Soon or It's Done

My Covenant Radio co-host, Bill Hill, and I had hoped we'd get somewhat more of a listener base than we've had over the past few weeks of our running our streaming venture, Sola5 Radio. We've put together, I think, a good schedule of psalms and hymns, bible reading, teaching on the Reformed faith and Reformation church history, and solid exposition of the Word of God given from a confessionally-Reformed foundation, in addition to the re-airing of select Reformed podcasts. We've just added more teaching on the Puritans, and a class on the Westminster Larger Catechism. We were, at the outset now about six weeks ago, very excited for the prospects of providing this content to a fairly large number of listeners, given the unique character of what we're doing.

Given the absolute dearth of such programming available by streaming on the internet, we really thought we might attract a few more than the one or two listeners (besides Bill and me) that we seem to have most of the time. Certainly it's understandable that nobody can be listening all the time - but we're really getting very few listeners. If this continues, we'll be pulling the plug soon... so if any of you do wish to tune in and see if you like what we're providing - but haven't yet - please do so. If you have listened now and again and find what we're doing worthwhile, I hope you'll be willing to spread the word to friends and relatives who might be interested in our streamed content.

If we don't get substantially more listeners than we have now, we're going to have to pull the plug. Bill has just started seminary full time, and I, as a college professor, really don't have much time at all to devote to this project - though I have put in some and would love to continue, if it seems worthwhile. At this point, with only a couple listeners online apart from Bill and me, both of us are fairly well convinced that it's not.

So, we're trying to get some help in advertising Sola5... it's really a unique venture, and about the only place you'll hear on an internet stream the programming we've put together. If you've not tried us out, PLEASE do so... and let us know you're listening. We would dearly love to keep putting this programming out there, but if we don't get listeners, we really can't justify the time and effort.

Click here for our programming guide.

Tune in live at this location to listen with your browser. If you wish to listen with iTunes, here's how.


Reformation said...

Do not pull it.

You have 6 weeks into. It's gold

Give it one year, please.

Far too premature to pull the plug.


Todd said...

Hi Phil -

We'd love to keep it going, but there is just about nobody listening... and it takes a great deal of work to put this stuff together.

If you know of a place to advertise us, PLEASE help. It's very hard to keep things running when we have one or two other people in the world listening to us.

The Brewing Chaplain said...

Can I listen to it on my Droid phone? I'm not on iTunes but I can listen to podcasts and streaming radio. I'm trying to access Sola5 with my phone's browser, but there are no options to stream it with a plugin my phone uses. I'd love to listen if I can.


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