Sunday, August 01, 2010

0 General Assembly / General Synod Round Table Interview on Covenant Radio, August 20

On one of the upcoming broadcasts of Covenant Radio, set for August 20, 2010, Bill and I will have the privilege of speaking with Wes White, pastor of Presbyterian Church, a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) in Spearfish, SD, Dr. Darryl G. Hart, elder in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), and Dr. Scott Clark, Professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Westminster Seminary California, author, and Associate Pastor at Oceanside United Reformed Church, a member congregation of the United Reformed Churches of North America (URCNA). The topic of our discussion will be the issues and decisions made at the General Assemblies of the PCA and OPC, and the General Synod of the URCNA from Summer, 2010. We believe this will be a unique opportunity to come together as Confessionally Reformed Christians to discuss the work going on in these denominations that share much in common.

One of the reasons we conceived of this program is related to the guiding aims of Covenant Radio: to help our listeners strengthen their understanding of and apply the foundational principles of the Confessionally-Reformed churches. We aim to help people hear what God's Word teaches us about glorifying God and enjoying Him in our lives. We do this at Covenant Radio through discussion of books, and topics by authors, pastors and seminary professors whose roots are in Confessionally Reformed Christianity - and seek guidance of these men and of our common forefathers in the Reformed faith deriving from both the Continent and the British Isles.

We therefore have a common interest in promoting and supporting the mission and work of our brothers and sisters in the Confessionally Reformed denominations in our country, and we felt that this program would serve well as part of what we seek to accomplish with Covenant Radio. In particular we hope that by discussing the goings-on in these churches at the denominational level, we can help people be more connected to the action of the higher church courts than they might otherwise be, or to let them know a little about things going on within broader Reformed community and outside their immediate denominational connection. We hope you'll join us for this broadcast, which we expect to be an interesting and informative, encouraging and challenging discussion of issues that face us in the church today. Please check us out at, where you will find information about this and other broadcasts of Covenant Radio. Subscription information to the podcast may be found at the website, or by searching at iTunes.



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