Thursday, March 28, 2013

0 On The Tyranny of Novelty

One of our society's biggest weaknesses today (though it is by no means unique to today) is the almost wholesale rejection of "old ideas" and "tradition" in favor of the novel and "current".    It is as though people of the past have nothing valuable to say to those living today... because of the separation in time, their ideas are, in today's view, irrelevant, and have little or no value in interpreting events or ideas of today.  This kind of short-sighted thinking has grave repercussions as we consider politics, religious practice, education and life in community with others...  and I fear some of these repercussions are rearing their heads today as I look around at each of these three areas of concern.

As I revive this blog, I'm going to be taking a look at these issues - I am struck by the rapidity with which some of these areas are devolving, and as I have started to delve into related issues, I am amazed at how each one seems to point to the fact that we, as a society (both in this country and around the world) are doing everything (it seems) that is possible to cut ourselves loose from the moorings of the past, and head off (rudderless, imho) into the future "free"... and my firm opinion is that such is hardly "freedom", but is instead bondage of the worst kind.



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