Sunday, December 07, 2008

3 Blog Transferred and New Title

I've moved my blog to a new host, and with it, a new title - a more serious Latin offering than "Semper Ubi Sub Ubi", which was a joke that lasted for four or five years :)

The new title emphasizes one thing, which more and more is lost on today's world. "In Principio, Deus" is taken from the opening phrase, in Latin, of the book of Genesis. That is, "In the Beginning, God..." For, as you see, that is all we have to keep in mind, if we are to understand our right place in the world, and the proper starting point for life and practice. In the beginning, God - it is Him to whom we owe all, and to Him we are accountable. His Word is life and light - it is to be our daily portion, to enlighten and to guide all that we are and do.

In this blog, as in its former incarnation, I don't pretend to give authoritative pronouncements, but to share my thoughts and engage in discussion of the Word of God, Reformed Christian theology and doctrinal writings, and the culture around us. The presuppositions underlying everything are those of a Reformed Christian worldview - the five solas of the reformation encircle and guide my thinking and, if I am consistent with them, I hope, what I put out here for your thoughts and comments.

Ultimately, my foundation in all this is, as the blog title says - "In the beginning, God." Enjoy, and welcome (again).


R. Scott Clark said...

welcome back! Semper ubi was one of the great blog titles of all time and I'm sad to see it go. links changed at the HB.

Todd said...

Hi Scott -

I'm sad to see it go somewhat, myself... but I couldn't arrange for semperubi at blogger :( I suppose I could have tried harder...

hope all is well with you in the sun and warmth.


Unknown said...

Welcome. And thanks for not scrubbing Figs!


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