Thursday, December 25, 2008

2 Calvin's Institutes in 2009

Princeton Seminary (of all places!) has put together a schedule of readings for going through Calvin's Institutes in 2009, in particular observation of the 500th anniversary of Calvin's birth - The schedule is available at this link.

Many of my online friends are planning to read through it in addition to their Scripture and other devotional reading, and I think I'll take the plunge here to finally do what I've begun a couple of times to do - that is, to blog through the Institutes. So, you'll find here under the label "The Institutes" my blog reflections on the text as it's read.

If you've not got a copy of the Institutes, I'd highly recommend it. Two versions, one that I prefer, by Ford Lewis Battles, and the other an older translation by Beveridge, are available at VERY reasonable prices at these links:

Also a couple of very helpful books written concerning the Institutes can be found at the links below - also exceedingly reasonably priced. The first is Ford Lewis Battles's analysis of the Institutes, which contains a VERY helpful discussion of Calvin's organization of the original edition of the Institutes (1536) and the development of that organization from that edition through the last published in his lifetime (1559, the standard version referenced above). The analysis gives a fleshed-out topical outline of the 1559 Edition that Battles translated, and I think this book is well, well worth owning and referring to as you read Calvin's monumental work.

The second link is a recently released compilation of essays concerning the theological menu Calvin presents us with in the Institutes. Again, a marvelous work, and very worthwhile.


Unknown said...

Great resource Todd. Thanks for alerting me to this.

Todd said...

You bet - looks like reformation21 is also putting out a schedule, though I like the one Princeton put together. I suspect following both discussions will be worthwhile.


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