Saturday, September 12, 2009

1 Upcoming Bibleworks 8 Reviews at In Principio Deus

In the coming months, look here for a series of reviews of BibleWorks 8, the latest edition of a fantastic software package for Biblical study and exegesis. The breadth of resources contained in this package is, from my point of view, astounding - and I am very pleased to be able to review this software for my readers here, and I thank the BibleWorks team for the opportunity. The new edition is packed with resources for in-depth study, particularly in the original languages - 190 Bible translations in 40 languages; 35 original language texts, and integrated morphology and analysis tools. The folks at BibleWorks have placed a premium on speed and utility of their software in terms of database searches and broad-based analysis of Scripture text. New tools included in this edition strengthen the already renowned capabilities of the BibleWorks platform. Look here for first impressions in the near future, and regular updates as I apply the software to my own teaching activities in my church.

Bibleworks can be obtained at these and other locations:

Westminster Seminary Bookstore
Christian Book Distributors


Unknown said...


I am lookiung forward to your review and analysis of this software.


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