Saturday, October 22, 2011

2 The Powerful Word of God: Hebrews

Just a quick post... I'm teaching on Hebrews 10 tomorrow in our adult Sunday school class, and was reminded of a powerful reading of the text by Ryan Ferguson that I once recommended years ago:

Last week, I also found another video of the full book of Hebrews, also recited from memory:

Hebrews Recited from Covenant Fellowship Church on Vimeo.

Enjoy them - meditate upon the glorious truth of the Gospel as these men recite the Word of God for the blessing of the church.


Marla said...

I just stumbled across your blog when I saw a post you had made on a puritan forum and wondered if you were the same Todd I went to Oak Harbor High School with!

I didn't want to leave without saying hello. :D I'll add your blog to my google reader. It's always great to find old friends who share our faith! Have a great day!

In Him,
Marla (used to be a Silvey)

Todd said...

Hey Marla! That would be me, yes :) Excellent to hear from you... if you're adding my blog to your google reader, then I'd better step it up and start blogging again! It's been so long. I'll send you a friend invite on Facebook too.


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