Saturday, June 09, 2012

0 Time to Resume...

When the pace of life changes, sometimes it's good to restart things that have fallen by the wayside...

For the next year, my family and I will be in Richland, WA, where I am doing a year-long sabbatical leave as a research fellow at Pacific Northwest National Laboratories.  For many reasons this is a real Godsend for our family - we're in my wife Heather's home town, 3/4 of a mile from her parents' house, and 6 hours from my parents' home.   

At any rate, with the change of pace, In Principio Deus will finally be, DV, resumed as a regular blog... over the course of the last two years when many other things took precedence, it's essentially been dormant (as any of you readers who may still have hung on for this period, and not abandoned ship, know).  

Until later,




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