Thursday, December 17, 2009

0 Double Dip Day at Covenant Radio

At Covenant Radio today we're going to have two programs. The first we're recording at 2pm EST with Jim Barr, a representative of BibleWorks, and in it we plan to introduce the software package to the listeners, presenting its history, primary strengths and the niche it has in the Bible software market, etc. Bill and I both use BibleWorks a great deal and have found it to be an excellent resource for pastors and teachers who desire to study the Biblical text from the perspective of the original languages. I will be posting another couple reviews of BibleWorks here at In Principio Deus (label: Bibleworks 8 Reviews) in the coming weeks as I continue to become familiar with its analysis and study capabilities. I believe Bill will be too at his blog, The Parchment.

The second show today will actually be live, commencing at 6pm EST, and will be Part 2 of our discussion with Dr. Michael Horton of his book, The Gospel Driven Life. We are very much looking forward to resuming our conversation on this key element of the Christian faith, and invite any of you who are able to to listen in LIVE, at If you're unable to tune in live, you can, as always grab the podcast, which should be made available tomorrow. The Covenant Radio podcast can be subscribed either at iTunes, Zune, or from this direct address.

If you've not got a copy of this book, get one - it's well worth the extremely low price as a reminder of the greatness and glory of the Gospel message. You'll be glad you did.



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