Wednesday, February 17, 2010

0 Covenant Radio Broadcast: Olevianus and the Apostles' Creed

Bill and I at Covenant Radio had an excellent discussion with Dr. Scott Clark on the second book in the Classic Reformed Theology series that he edits for Reformation Heritage Books: An Exposition of the Apostles' Creed, by Caspar Olevianus, a theologian on whose covenant theology Dr. Clark did his Ph.D. dissertation at Oxford. You can access the podcast at this link. Visit us for other Covenant Radio broadcasts here.

We had a long discussion of Olevianus, his teaching on the Godhead and Covenant theology, and his identity as a truly catholic Reformed theologian and pastor. After the discussion, and looking through the book another time, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Olevianus's method of laying out each article of the Creed, first by affirming the witness of Scripture - both from the prophets and the apostles; second, by describing the doctrines that stem from each article, and third, by describing in detail the beautiful fruit(s) that God will produce as we learn from each article.

We see here an early orthodox Reformed teacher affirming the oldest of credal statements from a soundly covenantal perspective. It is really worth the purchase price, and much much more. The book is a masterpiece in that it is concise, yet meaty - good for layperson and elder alike. Laymen will gain from a pastoral theologian describing in detail the faith that he professes - elders will gain in having much teaching material at their fingertips for teaching both new believer and mature saint alike. Get your hands on a copy (which can be bought here at this link) the book is beautifully and solidly bound, and will serve you well.

Don't forget also to check us out at Sola5 Radio, our streaming station where we replay Covenant Radio (this interview will get some airtime this week and next), Office Hours and Heidelcasts, The White Horse Inn, Christ The Center, plus plenty of Reformed preaching and teaching. You can access the Sola5 Radio stream directly here.



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