Sunday, February 21, 2010

1 Sola5 Radio stream ending at 6am EST, February 22, 2010

It's been fun and interesting, but Sola5 Radio will stop broadcasting as of 6am EST, February 22, 2010 when the current playlist finishes. We have had an average of 2 listeners round the clock over the course of the 3 months we've been on, and even though we've stepped it up a little bit recently (maybe over the last month we've averaged 3 listeners round the clock) Bill and I can't continue to do the work to put the programming together. The listeners include Bill and me, each listening perhaps 12 hours a day - so really our audience is tiny - at any one time, we might have two additional listeners listening worldwide.

I'm sorry if there are any of you who listened now and again, and wanted us to continue, but we really can't justify the time and effort necessary to put our programming together. Bill needs to focus on his seminary studies and I on my own work as a professor. We also need to focus what efforts we do have in the internet broadcasting side to our work together on Covenant Radio. We do hope you still will listen to our programming there and find it beneficial.

Again, we regret having to do this, but the interest in our programming at Sola5 is apparently not what we thought it would be, nor what can justify taking the time required away from our other responsibilities.

for Bill and Sola5 Radio


John Owen Butler said...

Todd, Bill,

Many thanks for your work on this. I know how difficult and frustrating a thing this can be! May the Lord use the Word has sown in the hearts of those who did listen; be assured, it does return to Him without accomplishing everything He has intended.

John Butler
of the late New Geneva Radio


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