Thursday, February 04, 2010

0 Sola5 Radio Update (Listenership and New Programming Guide)

A couple weeks ago, I wrote concerning Sola5 Radio, the streaming internet radio station that Bill Hill and I of Covenant Radio have put together, and I am happy to report that many of you have discovered Sola5 and are listening regularly - that's great, keep it up! We hopefully are providing edifying content and enjoyable music. In particular we hope the relatively rare combination of preaching, teaching, psalms and Bible reading represents something valuable for you and for Reformed and Presbyterian Christians.

If you've not listened, please do take the opportunity. Our program schedule consists of psalms and hymns, bible reading, teaching on the Reformed faith and Reformation church history, confession and catechism reading, and solid exposition of the Word of God given from a confessionally-Reformed foundation, in addition to the re-airing of select Reformed podcasts.

If you have listened now and again and find what we're doing worthwhile, I hope you'll be willing to spread the word to friends and relatives who might be interested in our streamed content. Please do continue to let folks know about us, and also, please do contact us either here or at the Sola5 site as to how we're blessing you and what you've enjoyed - or not enjoyed, as the case may be.

Click here for our updated programming guide, valid from 5 February 2010 to the unknown future.

Tune in live at this location to listen with your browser. If you wish to listen with iTunes, here's how.



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